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November 11, 2009

Riders Association of Triumph Ride Report

Half Moon Bay Ride.

Started out from Morgan Hill about 7:50 with Toe Warmer hot packs in my boots and was cold. These chemical hot packs are popular with skiers and they do help

Got to Starbuck's about 8:30 and Chuck was there on crutches; seems his other passion is soccer and that lead to a broken foot. He did bring me the patches he had made for the pack. If you would like one they are $3. We were joined by Roy (a non-rider) and Michael Kane from Hollister along with two new riders. Mike Collins on a Sprint and Norberto Mujica on a Scrambler

We had our first rider down before we left the parking lot; me. Dropped the back leg of the chair I was sitting in off the concrete pad and did a slow backward roll through the plant bed. Very graceful I was told by those who had the pleasure of seeing me go ass over tea kettle.

Decide to pull out about 9:20 after Michael K goes pee one last time.

Take 280 to El Monte and we weave our way through residential streets to Page Mill road. Always a challenging stretch of tarmac and today it was made more challenging by the fact that we were looking into the sun for much of the trip. We get to Skyline and stop for a bit. Wanted to give someone else a chance to lead...oh and Michael K had go pee one last time.

Traffic on 35 was light so we were able to get into rhythm with the road. No cars to slow us down. Blew past Alice's and there was hardly anyone there. Temperatures in the 40's sure cuts down on Bike traffic for some reason. We have a sweet ride to Hwy 92 where we picked up the traffic headed to Half Moon Bay. Marry Hill sent me an email warning of heavy traffic because of the abnormally low tide. Brings out the beach combers in droves. 

It was too early to stop for lunch when we hit Half Moon Bay so we jump on Hwy 1 and headed south. Traffic was not bad and the ocean was lively; lots of surfer types out today. The map had us heading down Hwy 1 all the way to Bonny Doon road. But we planned to grab lunch in Pescadero so we turned off at San Gregorio so Michael K could go Pee one last time. Turns out we all needed to go. There was a young woman playing guitar and singing folk song so we stopped to refresh ourselves and listen to a few songs. Sweet Joni Mitchell style voice and she had a friend who played violin and stride piano to fill in her guitar work. Nice.

We took Stage Road to Pescadero and it was special. This is one of those roads that offer a rich riding experience. Twisty, Hilly, Bumpy and the smells...I always lift the face shield on this road because it smells so good. The eucalyptus  trees that line this stretch of road add a wonderful new sensory dimension to the ride.

Pescadero was quiet and we stopped at the deli and split a couple wood fired pizza's. Very good...Oh and Michael K went Pee one last time.

We got back on Hwy 1 and Norberto took the lead. He knew of a great bakery in Davenport that he wanted to show us. Traffic is getting a bit heavier now but still light enough to enjoy the ride down the coast. We stop at the Whale something Bakery in Davenport; I pick up some bread and a pastry and Michael K goes Pee one last time. 

We all have some things to do and we have been taking our time getting to this point so we decide to split up here with Michael K and I going to Watsonville and Mike C and Norberto heading to 17 to head back to San Jose.

It was a good ride, Michael K as always was fun to be around and Mike C and Norberto were great riding companions that I hope we have the pleasure of seeing again.



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