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October 18, 2008 Yosemite Ride

Riders Association of Triumph Ė Ride Report

Hello fellow RATís and friends of RATís,

Well we gathered at the shop Sat about 7:30 am, Roy, Simona, Graham, Me and my sister Tracy.  We had no idea what was in store for us!  It was supposed to be a three hour tour? I asked anyone check the weather? one motorcyclist exclaimed "It's going to be beautiful" name withheld.  (It was me, Roy) We headed out to 280 - 101 south to Pacheco Pass, head on into a rainstorm!  The rain was a total mess, a real gully washer.  Simona said she could see all the oil and grease rising on the road.  It was time for good judgment; follow the semi, and ride in its backwash, or pass it and ride through minutes of blinding tire wash.  At times like this you have to wonder that you ever had any judgment to begin with.  After we plowed through the storm we stopped for Waffles and dried out a little in Los Banos, then on the road again. On the Highway by Madera, my bike started cutting out with my sister and a full load! I pulled over and thanks from a hand from Graham (Sailor) we were able to reconnect a loose coil wire! Thanks again Sailor.  (Of course we never planned to be in Madera anyway...   :-)

Pictures!  Day One, Day Two

This map was our intended route to Yosemite

On we go, a fair distance in the wrong direction, I know what you are thinking and yes we all got happy meals!  It was a good ride up, we stopped a Glacier point for photos.  We then preceded to check in, where Graham fell in love with the inn keeper's arms.  After that Dinner drove around in another circle and ate at the Lodge, yes we will be planning another one.  Don't fret! We preceded to our lovely tent cabins with extra blankets, not quite enough. The next morning we met for the breakfast buffet, not bad.

This map is our actual route to Yosemite (it includes Graham's scenic tour of the rich San Joaquin farm lands).  Maps lie buy the way, it takes longer to ride 221 miles than 198 miles.

We got an early start on Sunday, leaving in the bright morning light at around 11 (Hmm did I say early?).  Then we headed out for a 400 mile ride?  Bloody hell! Tioga Pass, Sonora pass, There was snow up there as well.  My passenger was very tense through the twistys! Tracy (petrified) After a couple of stops we had lunch where one member almost had an altercation over Herb tea, Simona (Herb tea).  Nerves were frazzled long ride.  My passenger relaxed after some counseling and we preceded down the pass.

There is a sign when approaching Sonora pass from the east that warns of the steep grades ahead, grades of up to 27%!  For those that don't know, that's really steep!

I had no Idea how far and long it would be! My appendages were killing me as well as my bum, the old Sprint was showing her age. We reconvened and stopped In Strawberry population 160; where another member of the team almost got into a confrontation, Victor (loudmouth) made a comment about a Hillbilly on a bike, and he was next to me! Oops. We took a break and continued in to Modesto where my sister was trying to arrange a ride and I begging to get shot. Graham and Roy were cheery as usual.

This is a map showing our planned return route.

Off to Modesto for another quick Micky D break, back on the highway towards Stockton then to Dublin, where lost all feeling in my arms . We parted at iHOP, Roy (Choclate cake) Simona (herb tea) had a coffee.

This map is our actual return route from Yosemite.  Yes, even in the dark Graham wanted to see the rich farm lands of Stockton.  Notice that the map software actually calculates that it takes longer to ride 352 miles than 330 miles!

Graham (Sailor) went 580 to the peninsula, Tracy (petrified and I took 680 south, We made it! I have got the riding bug gone for a while and realize I need an upgrade, would I do it again. Yes maybe not in that order.  Much like war when we came out the other side we were closer. Thanks everyone, pictures to follow. Feel free to add to it and edit as you see fit.

Total trip, door to door for Roy was 648 miles.




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