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May 25, 2009

Riders Association of Triumph Ride Report

Greetings everyone,

Victor wrote up this month's ride report for me to send out. Thank you Victor and I would like to thank everyone that came on the ride. It was great to see and ride with all of you.

Well we decided to take the back roads to Carmel. Graham and I led the ride. We met at the shop at 9:00am good showing, I needed gas! I had the flu for 3days.

We gathered up and set off unto hwy 280 to 17 south bound. We met at Lexington dam to regroup. From there we headed up the old Santa Cruz hwy towards Summit rd. We stopped at Summit store for a drink , then off to Soquel San Jose rd. Into Soquel.

We proceeded to hwy 1 towards Carmel. Nice weather and no one strayed or got left behind!  Once in Carmel we Stopped at a gas station and decided to get Sandwiches and go to the beach!

We drove up to the snooty Sandwich shop and were met with the looks like we were the Wild ones?  After filing out separate sandwich orders, we went out side and ate on the sidewalk.

Passerby seemed startled seeing all those prim and proper Triumphs from all walks of life! Even ran into a nice gentleman on a 1971 Daytona 500. 

We stopped at the beach, where, yes, the fog was coming in but we lined the bikes up for a photo shot, which will be on the site. Thank you Charles for taking the pictures.

After exchanging pleasantries with the locals, The we saddled up and headed back over the hill at different speeds.  Graham, Bill and I Stopped off at my Shack to see my empire, ya right!

 It was a good ride with a nice group of Triumph riders. Hope you all have a great Memorial Weekend. Please don't drink and ride!!!!

 Enjoy the summer and see you at the next meeting.








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