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January 13, 2008 Ride

Riders Association of Triumph Ė Ride Report (January 13, 2008)

After the cold weather and rain of the past few weeks Saturday and Sunday were cold but wonderfully clear.  We started from San Jose Triumph a few minutes after 10.  Maya, our pack leader, and Brian both rode green Tigers, Jim rode his America, Graham was on his Speed Triple, Jean Luc on his Sprint, and I rode my Speedmaster.  We have several new regular members whose names and rides I sadly forget.  Graham also brought along some friends who rode classic Meriden Triumphs and also his friend Ben who has joined us on several rides with his GSXR1000.  A friend of mine named Roger rode my Rocket 3. Jim rode cleanup for this first leg of the trip on his America.

We rode up 280 to Foothill Expressway where we turned off towards Steven's Creek Canyon.  The canyon road was cold and wet; by the time we reached highway 9 our plastic bits were covered with dew.  Turning on to highway 9 the air warmed and the road was dry.  We all know this road very well so it took only a few minutes to arrive and re-group where 9 meets Skyline.  We turned north onto Skyline and stopped for a photo opportunity at the scenic overlook.  The view and camaraderie was fabulous; well warmed we continued north for another quick stop at the junction of 84 and Skyline (Ok everyone just calls this spot Alice's).

After a few minutes rest (and more talking) at Aliceís we proceeded on towards the sea on 84.  After reaching Highway 1, Graham again led off north towards Half Moon Bay. 

The day was crystal clear with great views of the beach all the way north.  Traffic was light too.  It didnít take long before we reached Half Moon Bay where we stopped for food and more yakking at Cameronís.  We had a good lunch.  Getting back on highway 1 north towards 92 is always a little tricky but all made it without any incident.  Most of 92 was also a good ride.  At the top the riders took their own ways home.

It was great ride, if you couldnít make it to this one donít worry.  They are all great and there will another in a month!

RAT Rider,


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