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Meetings Notes - May 13, 2009

Hello Everyone,

Is everyone enjoying this wonderful weather?

Today is ride your bike to work day. I hope you all rode your Triumphs to work. (They are bikes are they not?;-) The meeting was great! We had about 14 members. The guys from the shop attended as well. New faces in the group, Don and Renee on their Bonneville.

The night was fabulous although we had our meeting inside due to space outside.

I collected dues from everyone. Thank you very much.

We discussed the ride and yes, we are going to Carmel by the sea. Graham and Victor will lead the ride and have a map route charted out. People thought we could by our lunch there and go to the beach. I suggested packing it in my top box. I will take drinks and ice and blankets. Victor said he could take things in his top box as well. Perhaps we could line our bikes up in front of the white sands and take a group shot for the website.

We will meet at the shop at and leave no later than 9:20! We will not be able to wait around for others. You may want to fill up the day before the ride.  If we leave early, we will beat the traffic.

I hope to see you at the shop on Sunday. Get ready for a wonderful weekend ride.

 Rat Leader,


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